Windows and Light features a quintet with Jonathan Kreisberg on guitar and a rhythm section comprising of Glenn Zaleski – piano,  Matt Clohesy – double bass and Colin Stranahan on drums.

The first thing that comes to mind when you press play is the exceptional sound that Marziali has developed on the Alto,  sweet where need be and growling where appropriate.  Marziali provides the perfect counterbalance for Jonathan Kreisberg, who in my mind,  is equally the star of this show.

While there is no solo room to speak of provided to the rhythm section they are omnipresent and consistently tight throughout the album providing a solid basis for Marziali and Kreisberg. The third track on the album, “October”,  is a prime example of how this quintet functions as fully integrated whole.

This album is largely a high energy affair with the exception of tracks like “Ancient Ruins” and “A safe place” providing a quiet resting place. The albums opening track, “Underground Tale” sets the tone for the album with it’s unisono theme giving way to a superbly constructed solo by Kreisberg before passing the ball to Marziali. On this track and indeed the entire album,  Marziali shows his command of the instrument while exploring the full range that the Alto sax provides.

Closing out the album is “True friend”,  a slightly more pop oriented track featuring an interesting rhythm track with piano and acoustic guitar fitting seamlessly together. On top of this we have once again the melody played in unison giving way to solo’s by guest guitarist Marcel Liu and Marziali.

Personal highlights of this album include Kreisberg’s solo on ‘October’ and Marziali’s solo on the lilting ballad “Ancient Ruins’. The arrangements are strong ensuring a great balance between the arranged and improvised sections.

This album is not produced to be put on as background music, it commands your attention from start to finish. The performances are exceptional as is the quality of the recording. This album is highly recommended.

JAN VELDMAN – jazzineurope


“You already got your own style…” Jonathan Kreisberg

Una delle giovani promesse del jazz italiano, dalla voce calda ed incisiva e dallo stile compositivo estremamente personale, vincitore di numerosi premi in concorsi nazionali ed internazionali (“Premio Massimo Urbani” Camerino, “European Jazz contest” Roma, “Giovani in Jazz” Città di Bergamo, “Fara Music Live Contest” Fara in Sabina, “Premio Conversazioni in Musica” Hugo Aisemberg – Pesaro, “Premio Giovani Talenti” Città di Paola) e con all’attivo tre dischi da leader (Voyage Waltz, New Hope e Don’t Be Afraid), l’ultimo dei quali in collaborazione con il famoso chitarrista newyorkese Jonathan Kreisberg ( e il gruppo Unicam Jazz Quartet.


“The Unicam Quartet is a talented group of jazz musicians making very creative music in Italy. I had a great time recording with them on some of their brilliant tunes and I expect to hear more great things from them in the future!” Jonathan Kreisberg


“Vi assicuro che d’ora in avanti sentiremo parlare sempre più spesso di UNICAM JAZZ QUARTET composto da un sassofonista (alto e soprano) e anche compositore, FABIO MARZIALI, dal fraseggio agile ed incisivo…” Paolo Piangerelli – Philology


“In NEW HOPE ecco un brioso quartetto dell’Università di Camerino e perciò denominato UNICAM. Lo guida il lirico sassofonista Fabio Marziali, sax alto e soprano, e prolifico compositore….gruppo di qualità, che sta collezionando numerosi premi.” Maletto – Musica Jazz


“Voyage Waltz è il notevole biglietto di presentazione di un gruppo che ruota attorno al sassofonista marchigiano Fabio Marziali…C Vittorio Lo Conte – All About Jazz


“…merito del fraseggio di Fabio Marziali al sax alto che, senza nulla togliere agli altri componenti della band, è riuscito a dare quella freschezza e soprattutto quel dinamismo in più che in certi casi fa la differenza…” Carlo Cammarella –


“ruly one of the best albums of 2018 so far!”

Michael Ambrosino

Programmer | Producer | Host of The Fringe


“Fabio Marziali is an extremely gifted emerging voice in the jazz world. With beautiful lyrical qualities and a ferocious command of the saxophone, there is no limit to where this guy will go. Just check out his new cd WINDOWS AND LIGHT and you’ll see the light!” 

Jonathan Kreisberg


WOWD – Takoma Radio – Takoma Park, Maryland (Washington D.C. market)

“This release is only the beginning for this artist. This release is excellent demonstration of Fabio’s sax/jazz expertise.”

Ed Smith, Jazz Now Producer



It all started out in a small Italian village near Fermo, roughly two decades ago. It was there, at the age of 18, when Fabio Marziali experienced his first live jazz concert and was immediately hooked for good. Then and there the idea was born, to one day record with great jazz contemporaries in a studio in New York. Alas, twenty years later in the summer of 2017, Marziali finally gathers together some of the most talented musicians of his generation and records an album of personal original compositions.

June 15, 2018 –